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In mid-Dec 2008 the beta program re-opened. Registered users when logged into the Reciva site have access to a forum that is not normally visible.

On Jan 21st 2009 the following announcement was made on the beta testers' forum:

"As of this morning, and until further notice, we are not accepting new user registrations for the beta programme.
This does not mean that the beta programme is about to be withdrawn, and everybody who is already signed up [...snip...] will remain enrolled and will continue to receive beta updates as usual. However, given the finite resources of our R&D group, it is necessary for us to place some kind of restriction on the number of beta users and, at least for the moment, that limit has now been reached.
So, for the time being, please do not advertise the beta programme to others since they will only be disappointed."

In late April 2008, Reciva briefly released a Beta programme allowing customers to load Beta software onto their Radios.

After agreeing to the Beta test, a User could select an option on the Reciva website to load Beta software on their radio, and the upgrade would then be presented to the Radio (ie. much simpler than loading the Sharpfin code!).

Reciva have had some teething problems with the demand, and have temporarily removed the facility. We have it on good authority that this feature will be re-instated, and also understand that in order to prevent confusion, a way of separating beta reports from the non-beta questions is being considered.

Unfortunately this takes time. It would help alleviate potential radio brand owners concerns, and enable Reciva to re-instate the programme if Reciva could be allowed to re-instate the service without us all moaning and sniping at possible shortfalls in what is effectively test software.

Consequently, it would be appreciated if beta test firmware comments could be saved for the re-instated programme, and the appropriate comments directed through Reciva's beta forum.


Steve Clarke Sharpfin Project

Terms and conditions for Reciva Beta Firmware Programme
- The firmware versions provided under this programme are provided on an "as is" basis with no warranty.  Reciva accepts no liability for the correct functioning of this firmware or from any consequential loss or damage resulting from its use.
- Support for beta firmware will be provided solely through the Reciva website forums.  You agree not to approach your radio manufacturer, retailer or distributor for support relating to beta firmware versions.
- Beta firmware releases will be provided at Reciva's sole discretion.  Individual firmware releases, or the entire beta programme, may be withdrawn at any time and without notice.
- Beta firmware releases may include experimental features, or those not intended for commercial distribution.  The implementation of any given feature in a beta release does not constitute a commitment to deliver this feature in a commercial release for the same or any other radio.
Note: Installation of beta firmware may invalidate your radio warranty.  Please check the terms and conditions provided by your vendor.