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Hello there,

Whilst you have a very comprehensive guide for windows, it seems that you are left to your own devices in Linux. I have down loaded patchserver and extracted the files. I have patchserver exec but it doesn't seem to do anything when I execute it. My system is Xubunto Karmic Koala. Are theere any specific installation instructions or exec commands?

regards David Smith

Answer: The PatchingTheRecivaRadio.pdf on the Enabling Login page of this wiki is also relevant to Linux. Run the "Terminal" application, cd to wherever you extracted the files from the tar.bz2 archive and type ./patchserver. Hitting Enter/Return should give you some warnings and request a yes/no answer to acceptance of the terms. drgeoff


I can't find the released patches anywhere...I'm looking to upgrade IR100 so that I can store Listen Again programmes from the BBC on the 5 presets.

Thanks so much, PJ


a) The patches are not stored here, they are Reciva Property, so stored on their webservers. If wanting to patch a Radio, read Enabling Login , read all of it, including the video tutorials and the attached "discussion" page, and then Changing Firmware

b) The Listen-Again doesn't function from the presets (at least not that I am aware of). With unofficial patches, it will function from "My Stuff - My Stations - BBC Radio 2" (or whichever stations you put into "My Stations").

Hope this helps - Nigel

Question : Hi,

I think, there are some points whic might need some additional informations:

General principles for creating apps: How can we create debug and install package ? i guess that it is basically renamed ipkg , but a tutorial would be useful here.

The debug apps: What does it do exactly ? description of the different stages of the test ? On my Logik IR100, the disply is flickering if i launch the test while listening radio. (probably because of the scrolling text of the fourth line). Where can we find the sourcecode for this app , in order to understand how to program the reciva radios ? Thank you in advance, and thanks for the good job !

All source code is available in the SVN repository, including the debug apps. Steve.