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Installed the http server from the base and the www patch file (results the same), and I think there is a problem with menu.cgi. The Content-Type line has an extra \r and it needs to be "echo -e" in order to correctly interpret the escape sequences. In Firefox it just tries to download the file as without the blank line after the Content-Type it is not correctly formatted for HTTP. Update - Actually looks like a lot of the cgi scripts have this problem (at least on the Magicbox Imp Adapt).

Thanks for that - I've been banging my head against the wall, as I have only just learned that the webserver scripts only seem to work on Internet Explorer.

I am in the process of fixing this, in addition to providing other scripts such as 'backup'. Also, I am intending to change the ipkg files so that the httpd server script and the webfiles are in different packages (presently, you can't upgrade the webserver files using the webserver, as the upgrade process stops the server and the upgrade script ...). This should be the last webserver script that needs to be installed via the patchserver.