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Hi there to you all, I have a Tevion 5404 WiFi/FM Radio and would like to know if the telnet interface patch will on this device. I went through the first part of the process and did not see anything on the display as described, So I stopped as advised.

Could I ask if there is a method to Telnet into this radio? Does the Basepatch work even if the display does not show the test message.

I hope this could be answered. As I have not found this question anywhere I wonder if I am the first to try or just bad at finding answers.!!

Just one other note, I added a 9.6v Nicad battery pack and a small charger circuit internally and would highly recommend it to anyone that has one of these units. You can get away with a 5w low ohm resistor and Diode. The value of the resistor depends on the mA of the batterys you use and the prefered float charge current.

You find the answer here:

It appears that the display access is quite different to other radios. It is likely that this model uses I2C to access the display, and this bus is shared between the three functions. This means that the libreciva lcd library is not compatible with the radio (yet!). This can be seen when upgrading the firmware (even the Reciva official upgrades), when the display does not indicate progress.

Many thanks for the prompt reply. I took the gamble early and ran the patch with great success.

The web interface works well. Now I just have to work out how to start editing the interface and offering some code time for the project.

I wonder if the 2 x 16 display can be replaced with a 4 x 20. It looks to be a simple 4bit parrell interface but I will have to check that as it is just a guess.

There was some LCD setings in one of the files I looked at that mentiond Rows and cols but I have not edited anything yet as I do not want to brick the radio at such an early stage.!

I have linux box that just sits there looking at me waiting for me to use it for something. This seem like the perfect project to start with.

Is there a good guide to contributing to the project.

Many thanks