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The Wireless adaptor seems to plug into a standard USB connector. The surface tracks to the right appear to be the 'aerial'.

The devices are marked Ralink.

When plugged into an XP PC, the card is recognised as: "802.11 bg WLAN", with Vendor ID of 148F and PID of 2573, and after downloading the Ralink USB drivers, modifying the rt2500usb.inf to insert the line:

   %Ralink_2.DeviceDesc% = RALINK.ndi, USB\VID_148F&PID_2573

The dongle works fine in a PC.

I've also tried a Belkin dongle (that uses exactly the same XP drivers) in the radio, and it is not recognised - from this, we can deduce that the firmware is built with only a small subset of vendor IDs.

Interestingly also, there is a significant improvement in wifi range, when the dongle is external to the unit on a USB extension cable - the location of the dongle inside the unit is poor.