Enabling remote control in the firmware

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Install the Sharpfin base to enable shell access to your radio, follow this tutorial: http://www.sharpfin.org/sharpfin/images/7/7b/PatchingTheRecivaRadio.pdf

Identify the Hardware ID of your radio by navigating through the radio's menu as follows: Configure > Version > Hardware ID

Ensure you have a relatively recent version of firmware installed on your radio. This procedure has been tested with v257-a-865-a-476 firmware:

Now complete the following steps to change the configuration file:

If you are using Windows, log into the radio (Start / Run / then type CMD / type TELNET) :

Now type in:

       open 192.168.x.x            (this is your radio's IP address)

Enter user & password = “admin” when prompted.

Now move into the folder /root/hwconfig by entering:

       cd hwconfig

Make a backup of your radio's configuration file (The XXXX is the Hardware Id, which you can find in 'Configure / Version / Hardware ID') :

       cp configXXXX.TXT configXXXX_backup.TXT

Issue this command to unprotect the partition:

       mount / -orw,remount

Now use vi editor to open the configXXXX.txt file:

       vi configXXXX.txt

To enter Insert mode, press:


Add these lines to the end of the file, if they aren't present:

       # Infrared Remote related modules
       LIRC Module: /root/lirc_dev.o
       LIRC Module: lirc_barracuda

/!\ /!\ /!\ Double Check your edits /!\ /!\ /!\

Hit <ESC> to leave Insert Mode and enter Command mode

To write current file (if you are sure and wish to save it), type in:


To exit vi editor:


Now move into the folder where the lircd files are stored by typing:

       cd /etc/config

Create a new lircd_config file for your radio, where XXXX is the Hardware ID of your radio:

       cp lircd_config825.conf  lircd_configXXXX.conf

Finally, Write protect the drive

       sync;mount / -oro,remount

Reboot the radio


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