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Patchserver is the program you will need to use to perform the initial radio patch.

Information about the contents of each release can be found on the Sharpfin Packages History page.

Development Tools

As described on the Toolchain page, development is done using a GNU GCC Cross Compiler. Below is a pre-compiled cross-compiler for the Cygwin environment. It requires that Cygwin has already been installed into c:\cygwin.


The webserver files installed with the patchserver can be upgraded. Select Admin / Install Addon via the webserver, copy and paste the following URLs so the radio can download the install files:

Debug Programs

These programs are .debug files, and can be downloaded and executed directly from the webserver. They do not write to the flash of the radio, they run from the /tmp directory, and are lost on reboot.

To use, copy the URL and paste into the 'Debug Application' form on your radio.


Sharpflash is a JTAG Recovery Tool

  • This is available in source, and will run on a Linux platform. You can access the source from the Repository. You can view the source online here.


Libreciva is our hardware interface library


Sharpfin is the replacement application

  • Not Released

Development Apps

These are completely untested applications

  • FTP Server